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We love our motorbikes, we love to ride but there are inherent dangers out there, hazards at every twist and turn, things can and do go wrong! Advanced motorcycle training will give you the tools to tackle those hazards, to manage the risks and become more confidence in all aspects of your riding.

We are affiliated to the IAM RoadSmart organisation, and an official provider of the RoadSmart training courses. West Sussex Advanced Motorcyclists is a separate organisation, with charitable status.

You can join IAM Roadsmart directly by clicking on the ‘Buy Course’ link below, the Course cost is £175, If you want to be allocated to WSAM which covers West Sussex and the surrounding area, make sure you enter ‘WEST SUSSEX ADVANCED MOTORCYCLISTS’ into the “Your  preferences section”. Once allocated to WSAM, we will contact you directly with further information.

Once you have joined, you will become an Associate Member (an ‘Associate’) of the IAM and WSAM. On joining, each Associate is teamed-up with an Observer who will contact you by email, text or telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time and place to meet. He will help you prepare for your Advanced test over a number of observed rides, typically six. These are spread over a period of time to allow you to practice what you have learnt in-between the observed rides.

Once the Observer feel that you are ready for the Advanced Riders test you have a check ride under test conditions and if all is well you are put in for your test. Once you have passed this you become a full member of IAM Roadsmart and WASM.

Our Observers are all volunteers so we ask for a contribution of £60 towards your Observer’s running costs for 6 rides. It must be stressed that this is a contribution: it does not cover their expenses incurred.

Go to, to purchase the Advanced Rider Course.